Best PHP Frameworks for Enterprise Web Application Development

Best PHP Frameworks for Enterprise Web Application Development

Best PHP Frameworks for Enterprise Web Application Development

PHP is one of the most commonly used programming languages worldwide. This is why most web developers consider using different PHP frameworks for building solid websites and applications. Ever since their inception, PHP frameworks have come a long way and evolved dramatically. While developers find various PHP frameworks steady and stable, with the increasing complexities of websites, web application development isn’t a piece of cake anymore. PHP was created in 1994, and now more than 80% of all modern websites are either powered by PHP or have at least one aspect of PHP in their coding.

Why Use PHP Frameworks?

A PHP framework provides the basic structure for merging and distributing web app development. When we use a PHP framework to develop websites and applications, their responsiveness and performance increase. It is also used to speed up the whole application development process. So, undoubtedly even in 2021, PHP enjoys immense popularity among the web developer community.

Developers have to create hundreds of thousands of codes to build enterprise applications, which in itself is a mundane task. Given the numerous complexities at their disposal, PHP frameworks are actually life saviors for web developers as they give the option of reusable code and help them deliver scalable applications. Therefore, whether you are an expert developer or just a novice, PHP frameworks will surely come in handy.

In this blog, we will discuss the top PHP frameworks for enterprise web application and software development that you can work on to manage your projects efficiently and timely.

Top PHP Frameworks for Enterprise Web Application Development

1. Laravel

Launched in 2011, the Laravel framework is one of the most popular, open-source, and free PHP frameworks to have ever entered the market. It quickly became all developers’ favorite framework as it can handle even the most complicated tasks with ease and security better than other frameworks. Laravel accelerates routine tasks such as routing, authentication, and caching, thus simplifying the entire application tracking development.

It is full of features that make it easier for you to customize your complex apps, meaning regardless of the complex backend requirements, the Laravel framework is suitable. Some other reasons to use the Laravel framework include security, authentication, template engine view, and MVC architecture.

2. CodeIgniter

Developers are increasingly turning to the CodeIgniter framework for building dynamic websites and enterprise applications. It comes with numerous predetermined components and elements that are not only reusable but also help develop robust applications. Due to its micro size, the CodeIgniter framework is lightweight, less complicated, and easier to install. Since it has a pretty simple setup procedure, it is an ideal PHP framework for beginners.

It comes with in-built security features, functions on the MVC architecture, and also has a supreme error handling feature, making all its applications perform faster than other PHP frameworks. When it comes to developing lightweight applications, CodeIgniter has become an exclusive choice among developers, and due to its increasing popularity, it is also trying to assimilate high-security features.

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3. Symfony

Launched in 2005, Symfony is older than Laravel and all the other PHP frameworks we have mentioned. This all-encompassing framework functions on the MVC architecture and is considered to be the only framework meeting web standards. Over the years, Symfony has proved to be an ideal choice for bigger enterprise application development projects as it offers easy configuration and installation options.

It comes with database engine-independence features, has great customization options, and provides reusable components that make it stand out from the crowd. Moreover, Symfony works in tandem with the best web practices and patterns in order to integrate easily with vendor libraries and resources. Both Laravel and Symfony frameworks are equally good, making it tougher to choose one over the other.

4. Yii2

This simple PHP framework has successfully built its reputation as a top-performing framework and is considered suitable for modern web application development. Yii2 acts as a universal, easy-to-install framework with reliable security features, making it ideal for robust eCommerce portals, CMS, etc. Developers who use this framework have confirmed superior performance and speed. The Yii2 framework is expandable and allows developers to customize every iota of the code. In addition to this, the resources and community of the framework are also growing. One of the best parts of using the Yii2 framework is that its database data can be remodeled to control repetition.

5. Slim

Slim comes under the category of micro PHP frameworks. While it has minimal features in terms of design, it is considered great for developing small applications. Despite being simple, it is undoubtedly very powerful and good for applications that do not require fully-fledged features of a full-stack PHP framework. Even though it comes under the micro-framework category, it has a few enviable features such as HTTP caching, cookie encryption, URL routing, etc. Developers use the Slim framework to build RESTful APIs primarily. Compared to other PHP frameworks, the documentation and maintenance are easier with Slim.

Wrapping It Up

That was all you needed to know about the best PHP frameworks for enterprise application development. You can pick any of these popular frameworks that best suit your business needs and go ahead with it. Each framework discussed in this blog comes with its own set of features and functionalities. However, you can also hire our software development services for the best results. Our talented developers have experience and expertise in all PHP frameworks.

We can deliver you the desired application as per your requirements. These frameworks were introduced to simplify the whole application development process and reduce the overall workload. Choosing the best framework for your project will depend on various factors like scalability, usability, security, and much more. If you have any queries or doubts, you can contact us. Our team will help you pick the right framework and develop excellent apps as per your need!